Monday, February 4, 2008

PHUCK Boston

Okay, so I'm not a Giants fan - I'm a diehard Jets fan, and I would never jump on a bandwagon - EVER. But I have to hand it to the Giants, helluva fucking game. They went out there, 134 point underdogs, and starterd Pimp-slapping Tom Brady around like he was a hooker from Hunts Point. Bravo, G-Men, I'm glad New York got those fags from Boston back.

A few side notes from the game and this weekend...

- I legitimately think Tom Brady is a queen. I don't care if he fathered a child - he's a fruit.
- I hope Rodney Harrison gets both his legs broke after being mowed down by a drunk driver - that's how much I hate him. I would never wish that on ANYONE - but Harrison deserves it, or worse.
- Good for Tom Coughlin. I'm sick of these whiny fucking coaches that want to be pals with their players. You're not cool, you're old. You don't like rap, don't try and dance, just be an old cranky man, apply your hemorrhoid cream to your crack, and go out and coach your fucking team to victory.
- Bill Belicheck is a fucking traitor/cocksucker/Hitler. I will harvest hate for this man until the day he drops dead.
- Tom Petty = Creepy, looks like a scarecrow, but is still smooth.
- Celebrities at the Super Bowl = I don't care, stop showing me who doesn't have to go to work the next day and who doesn't have to stop drinking in the 3rd quarter.
- I'm insanely jealous that the Jets weren't the ones to win it all. But then again, I probably would've gotten fired, because I would be drinking at my desk right now.
- 18-1 is a career season for a #1 starter in baseball...But Football? Ehhh, not so much, take a hike fuckfaces.
- Pitchers & Catchers, 10 days...

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