Friday, February 8, 2008

What a Great Popularity Booster

Seriously Pedro? Are you seriously going to sit there and try and defend yourself? This is why I hate you with the intensity of 6,000 suns. You beat up old men, throw at non-threats, and you have a fucking gay Gerry-curl.

I'm so fucking sick of this bullshit.

"It's legal in the D.R....It's part of our culture..."

So what, I'm Irish, does that make it okay to get hammered and then beat my wife? I'm Italian, does that mean it's okay for me to wear wife-beaters in public and live at home with my mom until I'm 40?

Knock that shit off...Seriously.

And God forbid any of these spineless fuckface reporters actually condemn Pedro for trying to defend the fact that he was sitting ringside at a cockfight with good old Saint Juan Marichal. Reporters call it "odd" and "strange". Well guess what? It's neither. It's fucking retarded. Pedro is a 'tard - bottom line.

And fuck you too Juan Marichal. He's another piece of shit. How is this guy in the Hall of Fame? He beat someone over the head with a baseball bat DURING A GAME.

And Pete Rose is banned from the Hall for gambling.

And a super big fuck you to the Associated Press. This story should be getting much more attention. After all, you guys basically burned Mike Vick at the stake (which I don't disagree with), but what's the difference here? Is it because you fat fucks cuddle up to your cute, faggity little puppies at night and can't bare the thought of anything happening to them?

Fuck you too, Omar Minaya. FACT - you will do nothing about this. Go fucking drown on a raft off the coast of Miami you white haired dickhead.

Life goes on, the Mets got Santana, Pedro is a piece of shit - blah, blah, blah, I fucking hate the news and all other media outlets...

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