Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Breaking News: Let's Go Racism!

How is this stuff still alright?

Ok. So I'm no angel and (as long as this is not the first post you've ever read here) this blog is certainly not the right soapbox for me to stand on to make a point like this. BUT...it's 2008. I know we have a lot of big problems out there. The war, gas prices out of control, Carrot Top has apparently taken over Las Vegas, but c'mon! Look at these damn team logos! We already took over their land and forced them to run our casinos, do we have to rub it in too?!

I don't feel very strongly about too many issues. I'm a middle-class white male age 18-39. I don't have too many real problems. I dropped a bundle taking some broad out on a date and she didn't call me back. That's about my biggest problem. But hey, I like sports. And in this quiet little refuge from society in which I spend most of my time I must take a stand.

Let's look at each logo, shall we?

Atlanta Braves - What would you say that expression is on his face? Taking a round of musket fire in the back or a big 'ol ahhh-chhooooo from the small pox he got last week?

Washington Redskins - So I guess this is the one where you could claim it's not that bad, right? Please. Aside from the fact that the team name is the REDSKINS, the profile of that proud stoic warrior looks like it's an etching on a tombstone.

Cleveland Indians - And we come to Chief WaHoo. Do I really have to say anything? A big, grinning, red-faced Native American cartoon. Wow...Really?

I don't know. I guess as far as minorities go, there aren't enough Native Americans around to make a big stink, and they probably have bigger fish to fry than fixing this. But what I do know is, if there was a baseball hat with a Spanish guy wearing a sombrero holding a taco, or two nondescript Black guys with black skull caps on, or heck even a White guy with black framed glasses, suspenders and a calculator all hell would break loose.

Why is this still ok?


Doc Holliday said...

Now that I've taken time to examine the Braves logo I've noticed something - Don't you think he could also be cheering after scalping a young colonial woman and her children, you know, because all Indians still attack pioneers from their vantage points in the woods and savagely brutalize the innocent white man...

AK-47 said...

Thats a legit point. After a quick recalculation, let's check with the official scorer:

Pale Faces - 99,999,999
N.A.'s - 1

Anonymous said...

WAHH! That is the biggest bunch of self righteous bullshit I have read on a sports blog. I am failing to see where the offense is. What is the difference between putting a native american on your logo and using some little bald prick leprachaun as your mascot. Any douchebag that can trace even the slighest bit of ancestry back to Ireland loves ND because of that little bastard. So get off your soap box and get a grip on yourself. This is sports its not the Peacecorp. Welcome to America if the natives dont like then tune out or go back to the reservation you came from and proceed with taking money from degenerate white people. So please explain why we can use a leprachan and every asshole this side of the atlantic embraces it and using a native american is racist. It isnt racist and beyond that, where I come from Brave is a compliment.

Doc Holliday said...

Because Leperchauns aren't real, stupid.

Anonymous said...

They are the fighting Irish, are Irish real? would you be complaining if the braves logo was just a "B" and they were called the fighting braves or fighting native americans, I thinik you would so before you go calling people stupid, think first... douche.

Anonymous said...

Im of scandanavian descent and am deeply offended that the minnesota uses a viking as a mascot..dont i sound like a huge pussy...yes, I do. This situation is exactly the same as the native american one and not considered a problem.

Doc Holliday said...

"What is the difference between putting a native american on your logo and using some little bald prick leprachaun as your mascot. Any douchebag that can trace even the slighest bit of ancestry back to Ireland loves ND because of that little bastard."

These are your words, stupid, not mine. Stop trying to change your argument when you're proven wrong.

You are dumb.

AK-47 said...

We didn't land in Scandinavia or Ireland, exterminate the indigenous people there through war and disease, force the ones we didn't kill to live in small barren wastelands and then put funny little pictures of those people on the uniforms of our sports teams. Did we?

If you can't see the difference here and think that your examples are relevant then you really are and idiot.

Douglas said...

Who are you, you make no damn sense. Hope my leprachaun did my laundry while I was at work today.