Monday, March 17, 2008

Duel Creepy Comparison #14: Fake Dead/Real Dead

Maybe this this one is a bit of a stretch, but I don't care. I'm a huge fan of the distorted contorsions of Andre the Giant's massive head, as well as the fat disaster that is Bartolo Colon. Now if Colon makes a comeback, he will be on this site a lot more, only because he's on the Red Sox now, and they will have stepped in ship if Colon gets his fat ass back into shape and starts pitching well.

I love the Sopranos, but certain characters on the show irked the ever loving shit out of me. Case in point - Jason Cerbone, aka Jackie Aprile Jr. He was the most worthless piece of shit character/actor to ever grace the show, and Cerbone's acting skills were reminiscent of a pile of shit playing the lead in, "West Side Story". And when I'm putting together a list of people that I have absolute contempt for, Paul Lo Duca is very, very high up on it. I don't care that he took HGH or steroids - who the fuck does? I only care that he cheated on his smoking hot Playboy Playmate wife with some dumb L.I. chick who looked like she had the same standards as a Hofstra sorority girl with self esteem issues.

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