Monday, March 3, 2008

This Renders My Previous Post...

...Completely Insignificant...


1A. Calvin Pace DE/LB
New York Jets, $42 Million 6 Years

I want to jump off a balcony right now. Words cannot describe how awful this will turn out. I'm not predicting it, I'm guaranteeing it. Pace is a bust, and fuck what he did last year - which wasn't a "breakout year" in any way. This is sickening. Why not use that money for someone who will have a real impact, you know, like A FUCKING QUARTERBACK.

I'm officially convinced that I can do a better job as a GM than most of the idiots controlling teams right now.


Anonymous said...

I think you are going to be happier than you expect with the signing of Calvin Pace. He is a big linebacker, 6'4 275 , with good speed(4.6). He hasnt made much of a name for himself because he was a late bloomer and played in Arizona. If you look at his size it is pretty obvious that he is a LB/DE hybrid best suited for the 3-4. He had his best season
in the league after Arizons switched to the 3-4. relax and give him a chance , it looks like Mangini is finally geting himslef some 3-4 personnel. Also, dont worry about the money, its not yours, as long as the team fills needs and ends up under the cap all is good.



Doc Holliday said...

In my opinion, $42 Million is unreasonable for a guy who had a career year in 2007, and his career year numbers are as follows:

80 Solo Tackles
6.5 Sacks
1 FF

While I would be happy to see Pace play well, I think he will turn out like Bryan Thomas. A string of bad years, followed by one great year, followed by a sub-par year.

Hopefully David Harris can feed him some of the human blood he's been drinking to liven up his play.

Anonymous said...

Again, money means nothing, if this guy plays well and is a solid piece to a succesful Jets season you wont give a fuck how much he makes, trust me.Time will tell but in my opinion the Jets have drastically improved their team. Solid O-line aquisitions to go with Mangold and the other decent lineman you have , cant remember his name. As well as a 3-4 NT and a 3-4 pass rushing LB/DE. If the Jets have a solid draft everything will be in place for them to have a good year and no more excuses. As far as I am concerned the Jets made the moves Mangini wanted now his neck on the line. Good luck Mangini, as much as I think they have improved I wouldnt mind seeing this story end with a Mangini firing followed up by a another rebuilding season or two to get this team back to a 4-3.


Doc Holliday said...

Money = cap space. We should use more of it for position players, like someone to replace Lav Coles after he flips out and murders the front office.

But if the Jets get Darren McFadden, this deal is forgiven in my book.

Anonymous said...

One last note on this issue. The Patriots made an aquisition last offseason that no one can argue, they signed a protoypical 3-4 LB, Adalius Thomas. Thomas is 6'2" 270 and last year had the following stat line:


Looks pretty close to Pace, doesnt it. Many times defensive impact doesnt come through on the stat line but I would look for Pace to improve this upcoming season and been solid for the Jets. And you got him for market value as Thomas signed for 5yr/$35M


Doc Holliday said...

The problem with Pace is, he's not Adalius Thomas. Thomas was the defensive gem of free agency last year. He could've commanded more money than he got. He also has a proven track record.

Before last season, Pace did NOTHING. He was a tweener in '06 and he was terrible.