Thursday, April 10, 2008

Creepy Comparison #17: Duel Thursday

Remember when Eddie Murphy was funny? You know, before he starting fucking guys in his car on Santa Monica Boulevard? I sure do. And Beverly Hills Cop was one of his early gems. And who could forget Sergeant Taggert and that tough guy demeanor masking his heart of gold? I know I sure haven't. And look, he resembles David Wells. Unfortunately Wells is a fat fuck who thinks it's funny to pick on short Italian men in diners because he's a so-called "bad ass" and then get knocked out because in reality being fat does not make you tough.

I don't know what it was about Orel Hershiser when I was growing up, but something about him creeped the ever-loving shit out of me. Was it his mad-dog stare? Dunno. Maybe because of the one time he called my house and threatened my life(never happened)? Possibly. But most likely it's because of the overwhelmingly huge German teeth he has packed into that tiny fucking mouth. Yes, that's gotta be it. The guy next to him is Clayton Kershaw, coincidentally the Dodgers #1 pitching prospect. What's not a coincidence is if either one of these tall doofs calls me again I'm going to brain both of them with a dirty lamp(not going to happen).

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