Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Marketing Morons

This advertisement was recently retracted by the idiots running Absolut Vodka's creative marketing department. Now I've always found their campaigns clever - albeit somewhat sexist against men because the company is probably dominated by a legion of butch-dykes - but clever never-the-less. In honor of such retardation on their part, I decided to follow suit and create a few of my own pertatining to baseball.


Anonymous said...

Decent post but absolut played to the target audience for that particluar ad, i dont think it was that ridiculous. Mexicans obviously feel like the US stole a portion of the their country from them when we decided to imperialize the western portion of north america. The ad gives an idealic sense of the world from a mexican perspective. Even if it was Anti-American so what? They are a swedish company and had no intention of having that ad reach an american audience. The uproar regarding this ad is just another case of over sensitive american pussy's.


Doc Holliday said...

I couldn't agree more, but the over-sensitive American Pussies (great analogy) are going to buy a lot more vodka than the hombres to the south. Apparently sales have already taken a hit, and considering Absolut sucks cock to begin with and they have lost most of their market already to Grey Goose, they should've run this one by the boss once more, that's all.

Bad marketing strategy.