Monday, May 5, 2008

Creepy Comparison #22: The Monday Slew

I've had a few of these stashed away for one reason or another, and I think it's time they go up.

What's the difference between these two mustached gentlemen? Nothing really, except one guy is hung like a Silverback gorilla and the other guy has definitely cranked one out to a film starring the former. Creeeeeeepy...

These two jokesters have more in common than you think. Both are fat, both are bald, and both get leveled while being filmed, coming across like fucking dickheads. Berman, who's famous for his unwanted "You're with me, leather" catchphrase, is slowly becoming more and more senile with each passing year. It's like watching grandpa mentally decline until he finally crashes the car through the garage door and you have to take the keys away from him once and for all. That's Berman for you. And DeVito? Can't fucking stand him. I'd like to punt that little bastard into a lake and watch him bob around like a carrot top.

Here's an obscure one, but a fucking dead ringer. On the left is Cory Snyder, a former power threat for the Cleveland Indians with the sweetest flowing blond locks this side of the Mississippi. He is probably drinking heavily nowadays and getting into bar fights with local college kids over who was better in the big leagues, him or Pete Incaviglia (answer = neither one - we are looking for neither one). That's Nick Nolte in North Dallas Forty, the best football movie you never saw. This was before he got bombed and passed out on the floor of a Hawaiian airport, looking more like an escaped axe-murderer in his mug shot than the guy who nailed Debra Winger.

One guy is a hack actor who peaked 9 years with his performance in Scream, and then followed it up with some real piles-of-shit and a disappearance into B movie hell. The other guy is a batting average starved bench player for the Yankees who spikes Japanese players in the thigh. Which one would you rather be?

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The Primanti's Kid said...

Shoof, Wally... Take away the mustache and Berman's also a dead ringer for Ron Jeremy!