Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Leading Off:

This is the first in what will now be a weekly post I'll make regarding what else? Baseball! Horray! "Leading Off:" will be a short, quick, hit list of a few interesting things happening in baseball that you didn't realize, knew were happening but didn't know were important (so I need to tell you), or that I think are noteworthy. Again, if I know it, you should probably know it.

  • Ryan Howard is on pace to strike out 229 times, SHATTERING the record he set just last season (199). He's currently batting .187 with a .290 OBP. Thats pathetic. Joe DiMaggio struck out 369 times in his 13 year career. Tony Gwynn struck out 434 times in his 20 year career. These guys struck out once a week, Howard strikes out almost one and a half times a game. I know Howard isn't the hitter Gwynn and DiMaggio were, no one is. But the point is, when did it become OK to strike out every time you step into the batters box?

  • The Rays will fine you $1 if you call them the Devil Rays. You read that correctly, so watch your mouth. If any of you loyal WMHG? readers get that big break sometime after reading this post and become a member of the media, don't slip up or else you'll be mailing those hard earned Washingtons straight to Tampa Bay and those 2nd place Rays.


The Primanti's Kid said...

Bashing all things Philadelphia is cool!

Doc Holliday said...

If someone from the fucking Rays staff tried to fine me a dollar, I'd kick out their cane and break the osteoporosis-laden jaw.

King Dong said...

How about this stat - Shawn Chacon of the Astros has started 9 games without a decision? He's 0-0. That's really odd.

AK-47 said...

Excellent stat 'dong. On a related note, along with Chacon's zero decisions in 9 games, Brandon Webb has a decision in all 9 games he's started. And all happen to be wins (9-0).