Friday, May 30, 2008

Vince Young Thinks You're an Idiot

If you haven't read VY's comments from the beginning of this week - the ones where he said he wanted to retire after his rookie year - then you either need to get you head out of your ass or read the transcripts below - they're official (not at all).


VY: "Hey, I wanna quit football, I wanna retire."

FNR: "You want to retire after 2 years in the league?"

VY: "Who the fuck said that? I never said that."

FNR: "You said it on Monday."

VY: "Football wasn't fun anymore after my first season. I wanted out."

FNR: "So you did want to quit."

VY: "Who the fuck said I wanna quit? I never said that."


Dan said...

This is why you don't draft a guy who scores a negative number on the wonderlic test. What did he get? An 8?

He did beat us USC though and steal that Rose Bowl from out beneath them, so for that I am eternally grateful and he can retire/unretire as many times as he damn well pleases. Until he becomes a Jet and he becomes the equivalent of dog shit on skates.

Joan of said...

Are you forgetting Manningham's score this year? I think it was a 6 but then again he was probably stoned out of his mind during the test.

Also, the 2005 Rose Bowl against Michigan must have slipped your mind as well. Let me remind you, VY had eleventy billion yards rushing and it looked like he was playing against a pop-warner team. In summation: Fuck Vince Young

Dan said...

Yes, but he is hung like a rhinoceros/hippo mix so all is forgiven.

Doc Holliday said...

I believe VY scored an 8, as Dan said.

In other news, VY is also a backpedaling cumdumpster when it comes to retracting statements he wishes he never made.