Monday, June 30, 2008

The Ignorance Around Us

I was at a family party over the weekend, and I overheard an ignorant dick explaining to another ignorant dick - neither of which share this guy's Royal bloodline - that the Yankees, in order to salvage their season and make the playoffs, will "go out and buy the players they need" to contend, and that the Mets will "never take that route".

Not only does this statement reek of ignorance, considering it's mid-season and you can't actually "buy" a player, but it also makes me mad because it's a cold reminder that there are tons of fans out there, wearing all different logos on their hats, that are just like dickhead-from-the-party. I'm convinced that certain people refuse to educate themselves before vehemently defending these special ed bullet-points they created in their own tiny little minds.

When I explained to him that the Mets are actually made up of hardly any homegrown talent, he said, "They have more than the Yankees do."

I seriously wanted to break the Miller Lite I was holding over his head. Instead I took the moral high-road, told him to have fun on the bus ride back to the home, and walked away. His ignorance drove me to the brink of madness because it just proves that people actually believe the Yankees are the only team out there shopping for championships. It's like saying the Irish are the worst drunks while you finish off your twelve beer and then slam your car into a telephone pole, or saying the Polish are dumb right before you dive head-first into a kiddie pool.

But seriously - how can people continue to let themselves be manipulated by the fat-fucks in the media? Look, the Yankees may overpay for outside talent and may overpay for their own guys, but they have had a history - with a lapse from 1998 - 2004 - of grooming successful players through their farm system. let's take a look at the two teams starting lineups and rotations:


C - Brian Schneider - Montreal Expos
1B - Carlos Delgado - Toronto Blue Jays
2B - Luis Castillo - Florida Marlins
SS - Jose Reyes - New York Mets
3B - David Wright - New York Mets
OF - Carlos Beltran - Kansas City Royals
OF - Ryan Church - Cleveland Indians
OF - Endy Chavez - New York Mets
SP - Johan Santana - Houston Astros
SP - Oliver Perez - Pittsburgh Pirates
SP - John Maine - Baltimore Orioles
SP - Pedro Martinez - Los Angeles Dodgers
SP - Mike Pelfrey - New York Mets
CL - Billy Wagner - Houston Astros


C - Jorge Posada - New York Yankees
1B - Jason Giambi - Oakland Athletics
2B - Robinson Cano - New York Yankees
SS - Derek Jeter - New York Yankees
3B - Alex Rodriguez - Seattle Mariners
OF - Johnny Damon - Kansas City Royals
OF - Bobby Abreu - Houston Astros
OF - Melky Cabrera - New York Yankees
SP - Chien-Ming Wang - New York Yankees
SP - Andy Pettite - New York Yankees
SP - Mike Mussina - Baltimore Orioles
SP - Darrell Rasner - Montreal Expos
SP - Joba Chamberlain - New York Yankees
CL - Mariano Rivera - New York Yankees

Gee, this couldn't be more obvious, could it? But even if I presented this info to certain fans using a fucking PowerPoint presentation, I doubt they would concede. Some people are just ignorant sports fans for life, with no shot of changing or educating themselves before they stumble around a graduation party wearing high-socks and holding an MGD, shitting on the Yankees with zero weight to their argument. And it works both ways. There are a ton of Yankee fans out there quoting invisible stats and demanding front office moves that make no sense, and they get to me just as much.

Sports ignorance is not bliss, it's fucking aggravating.


LB said...

umm... endy chavez came kansas city originally, no? :)

Doc Holliday said...

Nah - Endy Chavez signed as a free agent with the Mets in 1996.