Monday, June 30, 2008

Leading Off:

Why so glum, Justin? Ohh, it's because no one can pronounce your last name correctly.

  • Pronounced DUKE-sher, he's been maybe the most consistent starter in the majors this year. A reliver-turned-starter, he was one of the better set up men in the bigs from '04 - '06 and was lost to injury last year. He's reborn in the A's starting rotation this year and has given up more than 2 ER only once (3 ER) in 13 starts this season. He's gone at least 7.2 innings in 4 of his last 7 over which he's 5-2. If it wasn't for a stint on the DL earlier in the season he'd be in the conversation for starting the All-Star game for the AL, and that's a FACT. The rest of his stat line is:

8-5/85.0 IP/59 H/19 BB/4 HR/55 Ks/1.91 ERA/0.92 WHIP/.197 BAA

  • Jones Zone: Currently batting .394 through 74 games. He hasn't started a game since 6/20 and has been relegated to pinch hitting duties due to a right quad injury. He hasn't even been able to DH in AL parks during interleague play. Whatever, I hate this guy anyway.

  • Howard Watch: 114 K's through 83 games. On pace for 223 K's. Number of games this season in which he has NOT struck out: 12. Due to an unfortunate slump last week where he hit .167, his season .AVG is back down to .215. Keep on pressin' big guy!

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