Wednesday, June 25, 2008



Worst free agent signing of 2008, hands down. I don't care who you bring up, LaTroy is the worse(completely biased). Case in point:

1 Year $3.75 Million
1-1, 32.3 IP, 6.12 ERA

Cut him now, Cashman. I don't care if you have to fire your personal hooker that fluffs you every time you go take a piss, fire this piece-of-shit. Oh, you want Paul O'Neill's number because you want to pay homage to fucking Roberto Clemente?? You're a fucking MIDDLE-RELIEVER! You're not on pace to break 3,000 hits this season. You're a washed up loser who sucks and hasn't been relevant...well, ever.

Do everyone a favor and retire tomorrow, fuckface.

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