Thursday, July 24, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Jets Ownership Crushes Fans' Souls, Again

"It's a real thrill to finally be in New York, now what's that Goddamn smell?!"
- Brett Favre
"Umm, get used to it Mr.'s just the Meadowlands"
- NY Post Jets beat writer

Well, we've all heard the rumors. Is Brett on the move? Will he be stuck in Green Bay as a back up? Will he flip out, have Aaron Rogers 'misplaced' and be the starting QB again for the Packers? Will he do another rugged Wrangler Jeans commercial and tug a little at my heart strings, making me want to be the man I always thought I could be? All answers will be upon us before we know it.

BUT... What if the answer is that Brett Favre will be standing squarely behind Nick Mangold for the start of the 2008 NY JETS season opener? Did I just blow your mind?

Now, I know it's unlikely, but us Jets fans have so precious little to hold on to every year, we might as well make some stuff up that gives us hope. We've all read the same articles that say they won't trade him to an NFC team, and there's only a handful of teams that would want/need him in the AFC - the Jets being one of them. Just because it might make sense/work out well/actually make the fans happy, it doesn't mean Gang Green's brass will do it.

Trust me. I love Chad Pennington. There's no real reason why I do, I just do. I suppose I'm just stuck remembering his brief glory days and that shutout he threw in the playoffs against the Colts (41-0 in round 1 of 2002). He used to be rock solid before the injuries. Sure, he never had the rocket arm, but that didn't matter when he had Curtis Martin behind him and the surgical accuracy that made him the most accurate passer in NFL history* (This is a FACT. Look it up, Say whatever you want about him, but the man is #1 all time in pass completion % and that's gotta mean something). The problem is, he's not that guy anymore, as we all saw with big interception after big interception last season. That led to Kellen Clemens getting in there, and while he held his own at times, he certainly doesn't appear to be the long term solution.

But you just know they won't do it. They won't trade for Favre. It's too big and too flashy. It just stinks too much of a team that's really looking to contend for the Super Bowl. They made improvements to the team, but with this QB situation we're going nowhere fast.

The Herm Edwards years were fun, entertaining, and filled with memorable press conferences. Mangini's first year was a pleasant surprise. But deep down all Jets fans know whatever magical ride we might be on in a given year, it will stop well short of the Super Bowl. And believe me, I know he's no messiah and won't march to the promise land on Desmond Howard wings (not sure what that means). I know he's the grizzled old gunslinger at this point that just loves "throwin' the long-bomb". We all obviously know Doc's feelings on the old warrior by now, and sure, he's right, but the old bastard can still throw at least as hard/far as Eli Manning, and I'm sure he trumps the younger Manning in IQ. I'd take him in a NY minute.

Give us Brett and give us a chance!


Mister Turkey said...

I just have to weigh in and say that the only place I hope to ever see Brett Favre again is as an ingredient in some Kielbasa (which I would not be interested in eating). Why can't he just go away? Thanks for your time.

Doc Holliday said...

Brett Favre is more annoying than the untalented bum who pretends to play an instrument, but is really only hitting a garbage can lid really hard.


Dan said...

I am a fan of any post that has Desmond in it, period. Regardless of the lack of sense it makes at the time of his mention.

That being said; maybe if we stopped drafting buckeye linemen/kickers and got a quarterback that can throw a ball 20 yards without an interception in a draft we wouldn't be pining over an over-the-hill gun-slinging QB that will carry us all the way to 9-7 and throw an interception at the goal line circa 0:02 before clinching a shot at a playoff spot.

I'd rather just go with a Veer option system, no QB and sign someone from the Arena league then the crap we're going to have to deal with again.