Tuesday, July 8, 2008

C.C. See Ya

The Milwaukee Brewers won the Sabathia stakes.


From what I hear (along with any other individual who watches Sportscenter and pretends he's getting inside information) the Brewers are going all in and making a run for the playoffs. That's funny, because last time I checked they have a shaky rotation, an awful pen, an underachieving fatso Vegan at first, an over-hyped middle infield, and a bunch of spare-parts (minus Ryan Braun and Corey Hart) filling out the rest of the team.

But then again, they have Ben Sheets. And that means that they understand the inferiority of the NL, and they understand that this one move - acquiring Sabathia - will make it easier for them to make a run for the Wild Card slot or the Central Division title.

Sounds like a good move, right? Wrong. It actually sucks for Milwaukee fans. And I'll explain why.

Both Sabathia and Sheets are free agents at the end of the year. They are two of the better pitchers in baseball. Considering the fact that Carlos Silva commanded a lung and two testicles plus $48 million American dollars, these guys are in for a serious pay-day. Milwaukee, owned by Bud "I bring in a hot dog every day and microwave it for lunch" Selig among others, will not shell out the appropriate dollars to keep either one of these Ace's in a blue gold and whatever-other-fucking-gross-color-they-are-
wearing-these-days uniform.

This is good for people like me, who is(are) fan(s) of certain team(s) that have fan-base(s) that average more than $28,000 a year in income, and also like to shell-out fat rolls of chedda to get seats directly behind home plate so they (we) can wave like fucking asshole(s) for three straight hours.

So, in any event, let's sign them both, Cashman - we need to fix-up this weak fucking rotation. Okay, no shot at both? Then at least one of them. And try and get the fat, jolly one - yes, the fat one with his spare tire and twisted hat - he makes me laugh.

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