Friday, July 25, 2008

Creepy Comparison #30: Doc's Arch Enemy #5

I had a relatively quiet commute today, except when a handful of women began screaming at the top of their lungs because a rat lurched itself onto the subway platform, but I'm used to that shit now, and I actually prefer the hairy bastards to a vagabond who smells like Madonna's inner thighs. But anyway, my point is, by posting the above picture and forcing a written description, it's inevitable that I'm going to work myself into a frenzy (albeit a short one), because I harness a deep, pulsing hatred for Dan Snyder. But what the fuck, right? Nothing better to do on a Friday morning than get the heart pumping a little bit.

Dan Snyder - what can I say that hasn't already been said in this post? I hate everything about him. I hate his glasses, I hate his helmet-hair, I hate his chubby face, I hate his faggity windbreaker, I hate his healthy year-round tan, I hate his Redskins inscribed debit card, I hate his meticulously groomed fingernails, I hate his expensive slacks, I hate his dog and I hate his fucking favorite pair of socks. Seriously, if there is ever a "Consequences of the Law, Ignored" Day, I'm taking a cast iron shoe and booting it up his puckered ass. And the Redskins going out and getting Jason "Hot Feet" Taylor is no surprise, because Washington is the land where veteran's careers go to die - in Taylor's case, with personal pleasure.

To sum it all up - Dan Snyder is a toilet. I wanted to post a picture of a heap of shit, but that's a little too tasteless for me, and that's saying a lot.

*Note - This post is not a random bashing, I actually came across an archived email between a college friend and myself discussing the 2002 NFL off-season, which was the year the Redskins pillaged the Jets playoff roster and signed away Laveranues Coles, John Hall, Randy Thomas and Chad Morton. To this day, it makes me grind my teeth. So after seeing this email, and the way those burgundy and gold cocksuckers rubbed it in my face, I decided to do another post of Dan. And I'm sure it will send shock waves through the world of pro football.

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