Thursday, July 17, 2008

Derby Daze

The Derby was amazing. I really don't have much to say because Hamilton said it all. Here are the pics I snapped from the left field bleachers. All I can say is, that this is the kind of behind the scenes access you ONLY find right here, at WMHG?! Enjoy the show, I sure did.

(Click photos to enlarge, they're a bit clearer that way)

(Pujols?), Wright, Utley, Ludwick and Uggla

Wood and Fukodome, pretending they don't see eachother

Tejada, Lidge and Berkman by the wall, and I think that's Pujols and Chipper

$10 says Webb (throwing) and Haren are only trying to impress that girl walking past them

BP. Think that's Carlos Lee in there

The Baseball Tonight (best show on television) crew. From left, Rick Riley (not sure why he's there), Eric Young, Steve Phillips, John Kruk, Tim Kirkjian and Karl Ravech
For some reason, MLB needed the Mascots to help them construct some sort of netting in the OF. I think it was so the little kids shagging fly balls don't get destroyed by a line drive. The didn't have anyone else to do this?

The Sun setting over Yankee Stadium. What's more American than that?

That's what

More priceless baseball beauty

I just couldn't help myself

Night falls. Let's get this show on the road already!

Man among boys

No caption needed

Why did he even bother doing Round 2?

We all know who won


Dan said...

im not gay or nothing but those twilight pictures are unbelievable. now only if it wasn't in the f'ing bronx.

AK-47 said...

Also of note, I'm sure no one will believe me and he sorta didn't really win, but I did pick Morneau before the Derby started.

The guy I went to it with can corroborate my story.

Joan of said...

Yeah the sunset looks much better over Shea