Monday, July 14, 2008

Derby Watch

A little courtosey FYI to all you loyal WMHG? readers out there... I'll be attending the 2008 MLB Home Run Derby tonight, and will be blogging live from Section 53 in the left field bleachers!

Now, of course, that's completly false. Primarily because I have no idea what 'blogging live' would consist of. Anyway, I'll be there and I'll be snapping away with my digital camera so hopefully I'll have plenty of photos to upload and lots of balls to take home and cherish (get your minds out of the gutter on that one, guys)


Joan of said...

Since we're bragging about how sweet we are. I'll be at the All-Star game live-blogging to myself in Tier 14

AK-47 said...

I take great pride in knowing nothing about the seating in Yankee Stadium. Are those good seats?

Joan of said...

They are upperdeck even with 3rd base so they are decent seats. Left field bleachers could be good for HR derby but you have to hit it 450 I think to make it there.