Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Boozin' With The Stars

Anyone who loyally reads WMHG knows here at WMHG?, we are all about 1 thing: nothing, narcissism, massive egos, blinding allegiance to our favorite teams based on nothing but family history, shameless plugs, (for more info on our non-shameless plugs policy, log onto now!) MOVING CONTENT. Our crack reporting squad brings you, the reader, the best news and insight about whatever WE care about in the world of sports. Something you obviously can't live without. However, I just couldn't let this piece of insanity pass:

What does one make of this? Am I to believe Bobby Abreu took time out of his busy training schedule to squash some grapes and dish out an award winning Merlot? Has retirement given Barry Larkin enough time to turn his fluid fielding skills at shortstop toward another fluid! (was that smooth or what?) Would anyone actually not be insanely embarrassed to have a bottle of "Cabernet Glavingnon" on the table at their next dinner party? Could you ever reasonably see (without being blackout drunk first) having 1 glass of "CaberReyes" and not fearing for your life after you consider how the hell that speedy S.O.B. bottled it?

I can see that it's about raising money for various charities, but COME ON. This post is almost more about how insane someone would have to be to buy this crap than it is about how freaking ridiculous this whole situation is.*

*Note - I've bought 2 cases of CaberReyes and have some Brooks Robinson Chardonnay on the way over to my parents house as we speak.
*Thanks to the Chicago based Mets fan that sent me this link.


Dan said...

You're telling me you wouldn't buy Xavier ChardoNady?

How about Benny AgbaChianti?

Jeff Town, USA said...

Dan's comments are way better than my best effort of Derek MerLowe.

Doc Holliday said...

The only wine I enjoy is the frail kind that comes out of a box, namely Pinot Noir Garciaparra.

Get it? Get it? Get it? Wucka Wucka!

Jeff Town, USA said...

That Pinot Noir Garciaparra really goes good with a mia Ham Sandwich.

Wow, I am on a (kaiser) roll today!