Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Creepy Comparison #33: You Know the Saying...

Yes, I know what everyone is thinking, and no, I do not think every black person looks alike(just the men). But seriously, how has nobody ever put these two guys together? They're like long lost twins. Except one of these guys is 7 feet tall and eats his dinner out of a garbage pail, and the other guy is a slightly overrated running back (and fantasy annoyance) for a slightly irrelevant team. And one guy better be playing in the Bronx next year, or else I'm going to personally deliver a shit sandwich to that fat fuck in the front office. Ohhhhh, snap!


Chad said...

yo! i saw you what you said on IMDB about me, thanks for the kind words! now i'll be a fan of your blog, hahah. hope you're havin a good week.

Chad (B@RT from B@RT GOT A ROOM)

Doc Holliday said...

See this? We have celebrities now.

Thanks Chad - and I stand by my word - the movie is funny as shit.