Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WMHG? Profiles: Daniel Murphy

NAME: Daniel Murphy (please, not Dan, he's too serious for that)
BORN: April 1,1985 in Jacksonville, FL
NICKNAME(S): (not real): 'Danny Baseball', 'Wade Boggs Jr.', 'Little Mean Hitting Machine'
HEIGHT: 6-1 WEIGHT: 215 BATS: Left THROWS: Right
HIGH SCHOOL: Engelwood (Jacksonville, FL)
COLLEGE: Jacksonville University
DRAFTED: Selected by New York Mets in 13rd Round (394th overall) of 2006 amateur entry draft
MINOR LEAGUE STAT TOTALS: 3 Seasons / 255 Games / 939 AB / 128 R / 153 RBI / 12 HR / .288 AVG / 20 SB / .350 OBP
MAJOR LEAGUE STAT TOTALS: 28 Games / 73 AB / 14 R / 13 RBI / 2 HR / .342 BA / .430 OBP

The myth began in suburban Florida, in the hot summer afternoons. Sweltering heat. So hot you almost can't move. Humidity so thick just walking to the mailbox feels like wading through a pool. That's where the myth began. "The boy that never got out" was the story that was told in sandlots and playgrounds. The myth grew. High School team after High School team began to spread the word. "How do you get a guy out when it seems like he knows what pitches are coming?" they'd ask. The man grew. Young scouts were overheard saying, "I guess this is what it must have been like to scout Tony Gwynn."

Daniel Murphy is his name. Getting on base is his game. All I know about him is what they tell me. They say he treats the game as his job. Serious from the minute he walks in the stadium till the instant he's done air-drying after his post game shower (no one told me that one, I made that up). The proof is in the pudding. Just look at the picture above. It was his first day in the big leagues and he won't even smile. He's too busy thinking about Jake Peavy or Dan Haren or whoever he was facing that night and exactly how he would destroy them. He works the count like an old vet and after they called him up to the big leagues he was hotter than...well, he was hot (I'm done setting the "it's hot" mood). Seemed like every count was full, and every AB ended in a walk or a hit. He was hitting .429 after his first 16 games, and after the inevitable cool off period (1 for his next 18) the average has settled in nicely at .342.

I'm all for giving young players time to develop. Not getting to high after a hot start or to low after a cold start. I'll handle Daniel the same way. Moises Alou will not be back next year (or this year for that matter) . We'll need a left fielder. Watching this kid is fun. I could get used to it.


Doc Holliday said...

There once was a power hitting machine that could hit the ball a quarter mile. He could hit to right, left and center field like he was laying down a drap bunt. His face was carved from Greek Granite. He had the name of a slugger, a Titan even.

Who was this giant, you ask?

His name was Kevin Maas.

Dan said...
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Dan said...

Don Mattingly's Start to his Career:

88 Plate Appearances
21 Hits
3 2B
0 3B
1 HR
11 RBI
1 BB
.241 Avg
.250 OBP

DanIEL Murphy's Start to Career:

87 Plate Appearances
26 Hits
4 2B
1 3B
2 HR
13 RBI
12 BB
.351 Avg
.437 OBP

I'm not saying Murph is going to as good as Donny Baseball......I'm saying he's going to be better.

Joan of said...

One more name: Shane Spencer...doing real well on Cleveland or whatever minor league system he's in right now.