Monday, October 6, 2008

Another WMHG First!

And the milestones just keep piling up here at WMHG. This is post #210!! What a ride it's been, loyal WMHG readers. For those of you on board from the first stop on this train, thanks, and buckle up...we ain't done yet. Why celebrate something as arbitrary as post #210 you might ask? Well, in keeping with WMHG tradition of brutal honesty, I just plain forgot to put this up for #200. Not to hurt #210's feelings, cause he's the most important post now, but #200, here's to you as well.


Doc H. and AK-47


Doc Holliday said...

By ride you mean uneventful crawl, right?

AK-47 said...

Actually, this friend of mine in high school had an old beat up Mercury Comet. We called it the Vomit Comet. I kind of had a ride in that in mind.

Doc Holliday said...

Ha - I have a friend who names his car "Barf" in college, because it legitimately was the exact shade of drinking barf.