Friday, October 3, 2008

Anudder Loss

Seeing pictures like this make me happy. Am I sadistic? A little bit, but when one hears about "100 Years of Losing" five times a day on five different cable channels (including Oxygen Network), how does one not get tired of it? And now that there's a chance the Cubs get bounced out in the Division series, this nonsense could be quelled early on and I can enjoy my playoff baseball in peace.

The only situation that I can think that I would enjoy more is the Cubs coming back to beat L.A. in 5, then they go on to beat Philly in 7, and then drop the first three World Series games to Tampa, then come back and win three, and then in a 1-1 tie, bottom of the ninth in game 7, some loser like Eric Hinske hits a walk-off home run off of Kerry Wood as 3,750,000 Chicagoans simultaneously drop dead.

But I'm not twisted, no, not at all...

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