Thursday, October 23, 2008

Creepy Comparison #44: The Greatest of All Time

This picture is some scary shit. Not like, "Boo" scary, but "waking up with your penis glued to the floor" scary. Just in time for Halloween, too. Now what if - and this is just a speculation - what if these two were separated at birth? It's possible - that shit happens all the time. Don't you watch 20/20? It's like that based on a true story movie Twins - one brother goes on to win 4 World Series titles, play in 6, become the most dominate closer in history AND pull off the "I have a receding hairline but I don't give a fuck because I'm Mariano Rivera" look, while the other brother goes on to become an above-average 3B for decent teams, but is ultimately overshadowed by bigger and more popular personalities. Imagine that? That would suck. And I'm sure every time Pedro Feliz sees Mariano on TV, he shakes his fist and says, "usted esta muerto".

But again, this is all speculation. Or, maybe I should just stop sniffing the dust-off in the supply cabinet.

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