Friday, October 10, 2008

Creepy Comparison #41: The Playoffs Part IV

I've never been a fan of Joe Buck. I think he's an asshole. The commercials with him and Holiday Inn Express sucked. People who laughed at them probably laugh at people running down the street on fire. They're soulless bastards. Just like Joe Buck. I'd love to make the same comment about Tim McCarver, but you can't blame a retarded person for being stupid.

And speaking of retarded - on the left is Kevin Dillon, less successful younger brother of Matt Dillon. He plays Johnny Drama on HBO's "Entourage". I personally lost interest in the show when it became a "Sex and The City" for guys. No group of guys hugs and pats each other on the back as much as they do. If my friend gets canned, I laugh in his face. Maybe next time he wont try and start a drunken make-out session with the boss's wife. If my friend falls in love with a girl and acts like a little bitch after she dumps him, I do not try and cheer him up. I tell him to grow-the-fuck-up. They should do more of that on the show, instead of trying to center episodes around that fat fucking loser Turtle and de-balling Ari. Then maybe I'll return as an avid viewer. Until that happens, go share a fucking Cosmo with one of those ugly pigs from "Sex and the City" and fuck off.


Dan said...

after the last couple episodes, you may want to come back for a little has been markedly better. complete unnecessary and gratuitous nudity, drug use, comedy and ari not crying like a girl (as much). it's been pretty good although i'm sure i just jinxed it and this sunday they will all have a gay tea party and decide that they should all wear women's underwear for a day to get in touch with their feminine side. what, you haven't done that?

Doc Holliday said...

I saw a preview for next week and they had that dumb fuck Dom in it. That just screams, "DO NOT WATCH ME - I SUCK!"