Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tom Zobrist is a Moving Target?

There are two sides to every story. The right side and the wrong side. And if it happens to be a story that involves some sort of offending action, there are two right sides, and no wrong side. Simple math, do it on your stubby fingers if you have to. And this is the case with Tampa Bay Ray bench statue Ben Zobrist's father, Tom Zobrist, and the classy fans of the Philadelphia Phillies, who apparently made Tampa Bay Rays fans of all ages feel, "unwelcome".

Zobrist, in more than one quote, complains that Philadelphia fans, "harassed a baby". If the baby, is you Tom, then I understand, but how do you harass a baby? It's a baby! They don't know shit! They can't be offended, mad, upset, their feelings can't get hurt and they don't hold grudges. THEY ARE BABIES. They eat, shit, and sleep. They do not get harassed. And who brings a baby to a World Series game? Especially if you're a family member and/or a supporter of the visiting team? And don't give me that "we should all feel safe at the ball game" bullshit - it's Philadelphia - adhere to forewarning's! Leave your offended newborns with a baby sitter, or better yet, with their mother! This just shows the inept brain-power of most people in today's society. They feel entitled to do whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want. Well, if you feel like walking into Citizens Bank Park with a fucking Ray Hawk and a Jonny Gomes jersey, prepare to be harassed, and take it like a man, not a fucking 6 year-old girl with a skinned knee.

On the other hand, Philadelphia, along with their baby-harassment (horseshit) - also threw mustard at a 7 year-old kid. Although I am a fan of mustard throwing, or any type of condiment attack for that matter, throwing shit at a 7 year-old is low, even for the lowest forms of society, in this case, toothless fat guys from Camden. No fan base should be proud of an act like this, and it's pretty sad that Philly fans are defending it on forums across the blogosphere as we speak. Making excuses only validates my stance - only on the mustard throwing, remind you.

I must admit that as a Yankee fan, I was once thrown out of Yankee Stadium because I felt it necessary to pour beer on the head's of Boston fans who - gasp - had the nerve to set foot in my house, so I can relate to drinking too much and the allure of flinging a plastic packet at a navy blue hat sporting the letter "TB". But keep the age limit up, at least to 12 year old's and higher.

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