Monday, November 3, 2008

Creepy Guy Profile: Rance Mulliniks

There was a time when Rance loved the ladies. And he was adored in return. His smooth mustache, his thick glasses (indicating intelligence) got the chicks swarming. But then, 1990 hit. His qualities soon went from 'cool' to 'creepy'. He began drinking heavily. His demeanor went from pleasant to irritable and edgy. He started purchasing pistols out of Cabella's. People took notice. Someone called the police. A fight ensued. Rance went out and drank heavily that night. When he returned to the clubhouse for a doubleheader against Chicago the next day, there was a pink slip in his locker. He vowed revenge. Instead, he caught a BJ for $15 from the trannie that ran the parking garage behind the stadium.


Mister Turkey said...

I didn't know any of that about ole Rance. Is the rate still only $15?

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm not fond of the guy but what you say is not true. If people really knew the truth about this person, not man, they would not be fond of him either!!

Doc Holliday said...