Monday, November 10, 2008

Still Not OK

Just for the record, this is still not OK. I don't know why I can't let this go, and maybe it's the 1 good thing I'll do in my life, but I will be the voice of the Native Americans in the sports world. They should at the very least get a final approval on all names/logos involving their likeness, or something like that.

Imagine some clown knocks on the door to your apartment tonight and after you open the door he sneezes in your face (small pox), pulls you out and forces you to live in the hallway (reservation) and proceeds to live in your former apartment. Everyday after that he walks in and out of the place right past you with a big foam cartoon head that looks just like yours. All I'm saying is, it would piss me off.


Mister Turkey said...

No need to worry. This University of Northern Colorado team levels the playing field:

Doc Holliday said...

Hahahaha - Bravo AK, bravo.

AK-47 said...

Good work, Mr. T. Perhaps we're turing the corner, after all.