Monday, November 10, 2008

What Might Have Been

Ever wonder who your favorite team drafted, but didn't sign?

I do. Well, honestly, I was thinking more about who else - Mike Piazza - than the above question. After pondering what his minor league stats were like (Yes, I actually just randomly think about things like this. You think this blog shit is easy? You need to be seriously infected with sports on the brain to pull this puppy off) and logging onto one of my favorite sites,, I began "web surfing." As far as I know from watching movies like 'The Net', this means clicking on link after link on the 'internet' and going from web page to web page. One of the 'electronic waves' I 'caught' took me to the draft page of the 1988 first-year player draft, the year in which Mikey was drafted in the 62nd round. I then began to see player after player drafted, but not signed by that team.

The rest is history.

Here, for your review, loyal WMHG readers, are some notable players the New York Mets drafted recently, but were unable to sign, and the year we picked them:

'84 John Wetteland

'86 John Olerud
We brought Johnny O back, though! Jeez, what a winning smile.

'86 Scott Erickson

Gosh, he's dreamy.

'86 Todd Jones

After seeing this I'm glad we didn't keep him.

'89 Mark Grudzielanek

I don't know what website this was from but I'd LOVE to know what the hell he is doing.

'90 Darren Dreifort
Kinda looks like a right handed Koufax, right? Except much shittier and richer.

'90 Rick Helling

Let's just say I'm glad Ricky held out.

'92 Darrin Erstad
Could have been Nails, part II. Ohh, and why is he sitting like that?

'93 Billy Koch
LI's own.

'95 Aaron Rowand
Sweet graphic tee. I'm just glad he wasn't on the Phillies when they won. That would have been intolerable.

'95 Scott Procter

What up Yankee fans!!!! Remember him???

'97 Garrett Atkins
Baseball card photo, or glamor shot. You decide.


Dan said...

Take down that picture of Rick Helling. Take it down right now.

I'm going to have nightmares.

Remember when he won 20 games?

Then do you remember drafting him? Oh right, I did.

Then do you remember him being the worst player in basball history and taking 7/8/9 ER games on the chin like Carmen Luvona taking money shots?

Do you remember waking up in cold sweats screaming NOOOOOOOOO, RIIIICCKKKKKK!!!!

Do you?!? DO YOU!?!?!


AK-47 said...

While I understand where you're coming from, unfortunately satisfying your request would compromise the integrity of the post. As I'm sure you've seen in the past, our journalistic integrity is our #1 priority, so unfortunately, Ricky stays.

Doc Holliday said...

Scott Erickson could have EASILY done porn. The transition would be smooth and seamless.

And erotic.

(awkward silence)