Friday, December 19, 2008

God's Gift to Mankind - Not Worthy of Boston?

According to Red Sox owner John Henry, Boston is out of the Teixeira sweepstakes. Is this a Red Herring? A ploy to once again call Scott Boras' bluff? It could be a mixture of the two, because there is a chance that Teixeira plays mercenary and signs on with whoever is willing to give him a staggering 10 year contract. And who's going to deny God's Gift to Mankind this kind of financial luxury? It sure as hell isn't Jim Bowden and the Washington Nationals, who are basically guaranteeing him 10 years, $200MM and the first born of anyone living inside the Beltway.

But history has proven that Theo and the Worcester Gang are a sneaky, albeit ballsy group of motherfuckers. They are not afraid to let a player walk for more money - case in point, the infamous bluff by Boras during the Dice-K negotiations. Personally, I hope they call his bluff and Teixeira goes to play for the irrelevant losers from D.C., but I find it hard to believe that Boston is out of the running.

Stay tuned for more false rumors, terrible reporting, and maybe even some heartfelt tears!

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