Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hick Reliver Drinks Busch Beer During Interview - Hilarity Ensues

I was scouring Youtube today looking for a good video/interview with Greg Maddux to post in correlation with his retirement announcement tomorrow, but I can across something much, much better. Something that makes you remember that life is often great. This video features a locker room interview with Charlie Kerfeld and the always pleasant and non-intimidating Nolan Ryan. Kerfeld, apparently, loves beer. Busch beer, to be exact. And why wouldn't he? He was a fat flame-throwing hick from Missouri who had one dominate year and then disappeared into 80's obscurity - sort of like Joel Zumaya, minus the Guitar Hero obsession. Unfortunately, Kerfeld was not wearing his nerdy glasses, but do note Kerfeld's cockiness toward the Mets, who they would go on and lose to in 6 games in the 1986 NLCS. Watch until the end to catch Ryan getting really tight and annoyed by Kerfeld's retarded antics.



Mister Turkey said...

Nice. I almost stopped watching after the first part and I'm glad I continued watching through the Ryan interview. Those were the days...

AK-47 said...

2 things:

Why does Kerfield close his eyes every time he takes a swig of that icy cold Busch?

Did you notice how Ryan didnt even notice the first time he got the beer poured on his head? Just kept talking and staring with those cold dead eyes. That was terrifying. No wonder he was so damn good.