Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I wish I may, I wish I might...

...get a slow start from the new boys in the Bronx?????

  • Mark Teixeira - March/April = 27 G / 16 R / 4 HR / 17 RBI / .273 BA / .333 OBP
  • C.C. Sabathia - First 4 Starts = 0 - 3 W-L / 18 IP / 27 ER / 14 Ks / 13.50 ERA / 32 Hits / 5 HR / 14 BB
Random thoughts from a snarky Mets fan, inspired by this recent signing:
  • I know they are both great players, and I'd want them both on the Mets tomorrow, but what if they get off to another slow start? Man, would that be fun
  • Remember last year, when it was "let's change the team philosophy" time? I sure remember it. That was a great day. They said, "Let's go with the young kids! Let's give them time!" Let me get this straight. First, they fired Torre because he didn't win the series 'the Yankee way', which is either to win every year or fail. Then, they hire Girardi, and at that instant the philosophy magically changed to, "lets give these kids a chance to find their way". That lasted all of about 6 months. Then...CAA-CHING! Turn back the clock to 2005, baby!$!$!$!$!
So, it's out there, and I have NO problem with the Yankees spending money. It's theirs. The Mets do it too. Teams with money spend it, I get it. But they are holier-than-thou-liars that are no different than any other team in MLB. It used to be 29 teams in baseball and then the Yankees. That time is over.


xGooks said...

My tribute to YOUR NEWWW YOOORRRKKK YAAAAAANKKKEEEESSSSSS!!! [please read in announcer's voice]


Doc Holliday said...

@xGooks - +5

Is it weird that A-Rod looked completely comfortable dancing around like a complete queen?

xGooks said...

Why would that be weird?

Doc Holliday said...

Let me rephrase my thoughts - A-Rod is to salsa dancing what gays are to ascots.

J said...

Is it weird all of Mark Teixeira's titty shaking made me think impure thoughts?