Wednesday, December 3, 2008

SPEECH!!!!! Part I

Winters suck. They suck monumentally. There's still three months left until pitchers and catchers report. And since there isn't much happening in the world of baseball, meaning less stupidity to make fun of, we've decided to include a multiple of posts detailing our favorite movie speeches. Generic? Yes. Cliche? Extremely. But will that stop you from clicking on the arrow and watching the video? Of course not, because you are like us, just another poor bastard stuck in and blinded by a never ending cycle of awful NBA and NHL highlights.


"Blue Chips" never gets its just due when people discuss good sports movies. It wasn't the greatest of all-time, and it definitely wasn't groundbreaking, but it was ten-times better than any of the fucking dribbling hokey trash Hollywood throws into the theater now, attaching a 'sports genre' tag to anything with a ball or a car or a horse. Do you like watching that retard Keanu Reeves coach a bunch of unconvincing inner-city hooligans in a gay Disney movie? Walk off a bridge.

Now, if you like real actors who are actually fucking lunatics in real life, check out Nick Nolte in this, long before he turned into a homeless vagrant who eats out of the garbage can. He was fucking phenomenal in this role.


Mister Turkey said...

That was a pretty decent speech.

Does that movie with the rivalry between cheerleading squads count as a sports flick? Not that it would have any material for this section of WMHG?, just asking.

Doc Holliday said...

If there's a speech, then there's relevance.

Personally, I only watch dancing movies to see people get served...

J said...

Good to see another site using the Offseason Video Bonus idea.