Wednesday, December 3, 2008

SPEECH!!!!!!! Part II

Winters suck. They suck monumentally. There's still three months left until pitchers and catchers report. And since there isn't much happening in the world of baseball, meaning less stupidity to make fun of, we've decided to include a multiple of posts detailing our favorite movie speeches and monologues. Generic? Yes. Cliche? Extremely. But will that stop you from clicking on the arrow and watching the video? Of course not, because you are like us, just another poor bastard stuck in and blinded by a never ending cycle of awful NBA and NHL highlights.


I've seen a lot of movies. Close to thirty, if you want to have a pissing contest. And not many of them really encouraged me not to do something. This movie, "Trainspotting" is one of the ones that did. Once I saw this, I decided I would never do heroin. Yup, it's true, no liquid tar for this guy. There may be 100 different reasons to stay away from the China Lady, but this movie convinced me never to inject a semi-synthetic opioid directly into my bloodstream. See, you can learn some shit from watching TV.

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