Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SPEECH!!!!!!! Part IV

Winters suck. They suck monumentally. There's still three months left until pitchers and catchers report. And since there isn't much happening in the world of baseball, meaning less stupidity to make fun of, we've decided to include a multiple of posts detailing our favorite movie speeches and monologues. Generic? Yes. Cliche? Extremely. But will that stop you from clicking on the arrow and watching the video? Of course not, because you are like us, just another poor bastard stuck in and blinded by a never ending cycle of awful NBA and NHL highlights.

Al Pacino has gone off the reservation. He picks movie roles like I pick food off a chinese delivery menu, with mild interest, hoping they won't kill me. That's what this great career has come to. And it's been almost 10 years since he was in "Any Given Sunday", his last great role.

This clip is from "The Devil's Advocate", not a ground-breaking movie, but not a terrible one either. Keanu Reeves doesn't help the cause - he could have easily been replaced by a folding chair and this movie would have delivered the same results. But on the plus side, you get to see Charlize Theron doing the no-pants-dance, which is always cool.

Anyway, Pacino's speech is great - both thought-provoking AND psychotic, kind of like that girl you dated that was really hot and smart but also used to follow you to work in disguise, call your phone and hang-up every hour on the hour, and check your email account 15 times a day.


J said...

+1 to the "2008 Al Pacino makes me sad tag"

Lemkin said...

this is a great pacino explosion