Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Theo Goes Bump in the Night

Articles like this one are part of the reason why Theo Epstein haunts me at night. Seriously, some people are scared of the Boogeyman and vampires - well, I'm scared of a 35 year-old Yale educated Jewish guy from Brookline, MA. And Do you know why? Because just when you think you have the Sox against the ropes, just when you think they're finally reeling from a snake-in-the-grass signing like the one for Mark Teixeira, the Boston brass is back at work, looking to make deals that could rock the rejoice right out of the Bronx.

Did this trade go down? No. But you know Epstein isn't done. No fucking way. Something else is bound to transpire. There will be more exchanges, more under-the-radar signings like the one for Brad Penny, and possibly one huge trade that will really, really, really make me quadruple check my closet for a lurking gawky genius with glasses.

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lillo brancato said...

who cares if the sox get brad penny he's washed up