Monday, January 5, 2009

Chicago Adds Comic Relief

WMHG favorite, and always hate-filled Milton Bradley inked a three-year deal with the Cubs today. Two of those years have already been picked up as options by other teams that are stupid enough to believe Milton Bradley, at 30 years-old, has finally turned a maturity-level corner.

I can't wait for him to snap, leap into the crowd, and pummel an obese south-sider with bad breath and a taste for Polish sausage.


Wade Garrett said...

didnt u see the way milton fit in at the homerum derby..snapping pictures and smiling with hamilton..he turned a corner with his anger problems..he is a top 10 outfielder when healthy..i'd take him on the yanks in a second over that fruitcake swisher

Brad Wesley said...

speaking of outfielders, whats going on with andruw jones? Yankees should sign him to minor league deal, i heard dodgers are releaseing and paying most of his contract..he hit 40+ homers 2 years of now its gonna be swisher, melky, damon, or gardner..depressing

J said...

@ Brad

He also wasn't 336 lbs 2 years ago.

The man loves him some food these days.

Douglas said...

@ Brad, not sure if you were listing the Yankees' potential starting outfield, but if that was the case, probably should add Nady to that's not so bad.

brad wesley said...

@douglas..listed options at centerfield guy..c'mon pay attention dougie