Saturday, January 31, 2009

Creep Comparison #59: Weekend at Ned's

There are several similarities between the two rotting corpses men pictured above. For example, both have mustaches. Great mustaches. Mustaches that can make a woman drop to her knees after just one quick glance. Second, both have lavish, albeit undeserved houses in exotic locations, overflowing with ungracious spoiled douchebags looking to score either hard drugs or easy lays. Both believe in ghosts. Both drive Maseratis at unsafe speeds. Both drink heavily on lonely Christmas nights and browse photo albums filled with pictures of estranged immediate family. Both have been involved in elaborate embezzlement schemes*. Both have had altercations with Andrew McCarthy over money. The one difference? Ned Colletti tried to steal McCarthy's wallet off a bar at a SAG function in L.A. Both men were ejected from the party for creating a scene. Police arrived shortly thereafter to calm the situation. Colletti was eventually arrested and booked* later that night for public intoxication and urinating in a school playground.

*all untrue

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