Saturday, January 24, 2009

Creepy Comparison # 58: HOF Edition - You dig?

Here at WMHG, We're turning back the clock to the late '70s for a smooth Hall of Fame Creepy Comparison, you dig?

(picks afro)

You'd have to be a jive turkey not to see how similar these two cats look, maaan. That swagger, that charm...goddamn!

(lays on cheetah pattern sheets)

You see, that brotha on the left is none other than newly crowned HOF'er Jim Rice. Those baseball writers kept playin' my man here as a sucka for damn near 15 years, 'til he finally got his due.

(slides platform shoes on, punches ho in the eye)

His brotha from anotha motha on the right - that's Shaft a.k.a. Richard Roundtree. Ouuuuuweee, he's one baaaad dig? Outta sight!

(has unprotected sex with everyone)


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