Friday, January 30, 2009

David Wells Likes to Provoke the Elderly

Maybe I think differently than a cocky, obese, high-pitched-voice asshole who refuses to remove himself from the spotlight with any sort of dignity or class, but if I were David Wells, I would remember what happened the last time I threatened to kick someone's ass.

In Wells's response to what he would say to Torre if he saw him, after being ripped by Joe Torre in his new book, he said:

"I'd knock him out," said Wells, chuckling.

So, you're so upset that you want to knock out a 70-year old man for calling you a pain-in-the-ass? Or are you mad that Torre compared you to immortal asshole, Kevin Brown? I'd hate to be at a family function with you when one of your Uncle's gets drunk and starts tossing around threats, seeing that's there's no ageism when you decide you want to pound on someone with osteoporosis and a bum hip.

I hate reading Wells says to the media, mainly because he's irrelevant, but mostly because I despise him. And I'd hate for Wells to start getting cocky again, after-all, the last time he tried to throw his weight around he ended up getting decked by a 5-foot Guido from Yonkers named 'Rocco'.

In case you forgot how much of a coward Wells is, click this link to listen to Wells' 911 call immediately following the Italian Combo Rocco served to his fat fucking face.


Harvey said...

I agree. Any class at all and you make some comment about not keeping it in the clubhouse [without physical threats] but then it appears that Wells does
not have the brains to do that.


jean claude said...

wells is real tough..making threats to a guy thats practically 70 years old