Friday, January 9, 2009

Fric and Frac Clamor for More Headlines

Nobody ever said spending lots of money makes you smarter. Hank and Hal Steinbrenner - throw in Cashman too - are perfect examples of how lots of money does not equal lots of business savvy. Recent news has suggested that the Yankees may move Nick Swisher or Xavier Nady to acquire pitching depth for the rotation. While I am all for loading up on extra good pitching prospects - seeing that AJ Burnett is already prepping his first post-injury interview for the press - I do not condone trading either one of these guys.

Look, nobody has ever mistook either Hank or Hal for geniuses. If Brian Cashman stopped showing up for work one day, I wouldn't sulk. But pursuing trades even the most moronic Yankee fan wouldn't pursue drives me to fucking bloody murder. Why!? Why!? Why deal away two of the younger starting caliber position players when your only return - I guaren-fucking-tee - will be a mid-level pitching prospect?

No reasonable fan thinks Xavier Nady could be Mickey Mantle. Nady isn't going to hit 40 home runs or win a batting title. But he gives the team versatility. He can play all three outfield positions and first base, if necessary. He's 31 years-old, with less tread on his tires than most players his age. I'll be the first to admit that I have a soft-spot for Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui, both of these guys play their hearts out every time they step on the field, but if either one of these guys is healthy for more games than Nady in '09, I'll eat a fucking car tire.

And people forget that Swisher, 28, coming off his worst season to date, is only two years removed from a 35 HR, 95 RBI season. He works deep into counts, which is important if he's paired with Teixeira, who watches breaking balls fall out of the strike zone with the same intensity as someone watching bass fishing on ESPN 2. Swisher can also play the outfield and first base. Again, a versatile veteran - something great teams need in abundance.

As for what the Yankees seek in return for either of these guys - I always cast a cautious word when discussing the Yankees young pitching prospects, but I'm also confident that at least one sufficient #5 starter will emerge from the group of Hughes, Kennedy, Aceves and Coke. There has to be SOMETHING there. Otherwise, the Steinbrenner dummies should walk their entire scouting department off a cliff.

So please, front office, resist the urge. We all know how intoxicating it is to throw money around and stomp on the face of any low-level team trying to pry away a free agent, but the roster has depth and potential, so why tinker with it anymore? It's like adding a spoiler to a $85,000 BMW - equal parts unnecessary and retarded. Who could the team possibly get in return that would be an immediate difference maker? Zach Duke? Phil Humber? Luke Hochevar?

Thanks, but no thanks, you can keep those fucking nerds. I'll stick with what we have already.

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King Dong said...

Swisher sucks. He couldn't hit for shit last season...and his OBP wasn't all that hot.