Thursday, January 8, 2009

Old Timers Day

For two guys who spent 99% of their careers with one major league team, it's hard to imagine them departing. I know it happens all the time, but seeing a player on the downside of his career playing for either a respectable team looking to squeeze one more ounce of greatness out of a legend, or a loser team trying fill some seats in an empty stadium, is still a little offsetting. And considering San Diego and Atlanta treated their respective player like washed-up one-trick hooker when free agency began in November, I guess they had no choice.

In Smoltz's case, he can help the Red Sox in many ways, and most importantly, he fits their player mold - he's overwhelmingly white and he has an unkempt beard.

Hoffman falls into the latter situation I listed above if he signs with the Brewers. People in the Midwest love a good show or spectacle, per say. They're like gay fancy New Yorkers who love to see an overrated movie star make his/her Broadway debut. The only difference is, in Wisconsin, they're fatter and have higher blood sugar. Unfortunaltey, I have a feeling Hoffman will pull a Gagne this season, to everyone's surprise except anyone who knows anything about baseball.

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AK-47 said...

Chalk up another Red Sox signing that fits their desired 'profile' - Welcome former Creepy Comparison Rocco Baldeli