Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mets Braves Sign Lowe to 4-Year Deal

According to reports, Derek Lowe signed a 4 year, $60MM deal with the New York Mets Atlanta Braves. General Manager Omar Minaya Frank Wren went into serious discussions with the righthander and his agent last night, wrapping up negotiations this afternoon. Mets Braves fans across the greater Queens Atlanta area rejoiced at the news, excited to add a veteran arm to their young staff. Lowe should be psyched to pitch in brand-new Citi Field cozy Turner Field.


AK-47 said...

Easy fella, we'll sign Perez now and be just as well off. Oliver has proven he's good against those Philly left handed bats already, anyway.

Doc Holliday said...

I agree. But it's still fun to take unprovoked shots at the team. It was actually smart of them to not chuck 4 years at a 36 year old. That's the Yankees job.

King Dong said...

I love Lowe's tucked in rugby shirt...was that taken today in Hotlanta?