Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moves to Slight an Empire

Realistically, in sports, a fan must come to terms with a player's injury risk. It comes with the territory, because not every player can be Nolan Ryan or what's-his-face from Baltimore. From my world, I'll use A.J. Burnett as an example. I, as a loyal fan of the Evil Empire, anticipate his addition to the disabled list to be sometime in late-May, early-June. I accept this, only because I am a fan of a team with a shit-for-brains front office, and there's no point in curling into a ball, weeping, and screaming like a woman. I've tried this. It didn't work.

But I'm getting off topic here...My point is, Burnett's signing - lots of money, lots of years - does not balance well with his history of injuries. Boston - stuck watching the Yankees ejaculate stacks of dollars at any and all available players - has played the offseason cautious and safe. They invested $15.2MM in several key players - Brad Penny, John Smoltz, Takashi Saito, Rocco Baldelli, Josh Bard, and Mark Kotsay - that will no doubt play a part in the team's success. That total dollar amount - for five players - is still less than the Yankees' yearly commitment to A.J. Burnett.

Theo's offseason moves make me want to shit in my (Red Sox fan) coworker's bottom desk drawer and then stuff his pale face in my leavings. Why so angry? Because the reality of the situation is Boston spent menial dollars on a slew of players that have the potential to be difference makers. Yes, there are the obvious concerns - Rocco Baldelli's stamina is comparable to a fat man on an inclined Stairmaster - Brad Penny's favorite pastime is Doritos covered with bacon and cholesterol - Smoltz's stubbornness may piss off some chowderheads - and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all of the above come true, but they do not discount smart spending.

I'll be the first to admit that the Yankees needed to sign CC Sabathia. I didn't care if he asked for a fucking pirate ship decorated with rainbows and immigrant's scalps, I was all for giving him anything he desired. But why didn't the Yankee brass go after any of the bargains Boston signed? What was stopping Cashman from pursuing a 1-year deal for Saito? Why, WHY did the Yankees sign Jason Johnson? Who green-lighted that move, Steinbrenner's 6-year-old niece? Fucking bitch.

Because of stuff like this, I'll never, ever understand the team's logic. And with that being said, while all of these questions and concerns continue to circulate in my mind, I'll be praying that every single new player arriving in Boston falls down a drinking well, but still waiting cautiously for the other shoe to drop.


puddy said...

first time on your blog - linked from bugsandcranks. nice work, amigo.

here's the thing, coming from a fellow guiltless yankee fan who supports the canabalistic, capitalistic qualities that are major league beisbol...

the moves the yanks made this offseason are as much about beisbol strategy as was building the taj mahal of beisbol stadiums. they gotta fill the damned estadio. for 162 games. seriously.

one empty luxury box in mid-june fucks up the whole plan.

so they go out and get CC, AJ, Tex, Jenkins, Faneca, Woody, Favre, Pace...

Well, you get the idea.

Hopefully, they win a couple games as they come to control the world's economy.

Oh, and great Randy pic on your other post. I don't know how I missed that one.

Doc Holliday said...

Glad you found your way over here.

I definitely hear you, but just once I want the Yankees to sign someone intriguing, so I can say, "Yeah that'll work! That's good GMing right there!" And if it actually does work out, I can copy and paste it and show it to my mom.

(awkward silence)

AK-47 said...


I see your point, but this is the Yankees. Do you really think there would be 1 empty luxury ever? The year they opened a new stadium?