Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nice Pumps, Teixeira!

Apparently, Mark Teixeira does not wear the pants in the family. Apparently, he also does not wear the testicles, either. Read here for full details.

I got my hands on a few other things that, coincidently, both Mark and his wife enjoy:

- Going to see "Milk" instead of "The Wrestler"
- Weeping during sex
- Sara Jessica Parker
- Watching "Private Practice" and having a 45 minute open forum afterwards
- Masterbating to pictures of Cate Blanchett instead of Jessica Biehl
- Using :) in emails to teammates
- Tying the bottom of his shirt through the collar
- The Miami Dolphins alternate jerseys
- Using a dildo
- Mike Piazza


Harry Reynard said...

looks like his wife hands are bigger than his in the daily news pic

AK-47 said...

I can't, no, WON'T stand by as you continue to unjustly bash Mike Piazza. So he frosted his tips once... BIG DEAL!!!

Doc Holliday said...

I will stand by my unfair, unprovoked, and unproven accusation until the day I die.