Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Road Trip..?

Not that I have a problem with the Yankee's recent signings, but after they made their bombastic acquisitions, the same inevitable questions popped up again, as they always do. Should there be a salary cap? Are the "big market" teams killing the game? How can you justify spending over $400 mil on only three players? How will the little guys ever compete?

I don't think there should be a cap and I also think the Yankees should do whatever they want...but, before we let the floodgates down, there's something we need to look into...

One argument Yankee fans and the media use to justify the team's wheeling and dealing is that it's actually good for the game, spending tons of money and building such great teams, because when they hit the road they draw huge crowds that benefit those other teams. The 'ol 'rising tide lifts all boats' line.

So, let me get this straight - fans think that that the A's, Indians, Twins and Royals are OK with having payrolls a third to a quarter of that of the Yankees, simply because for three games a year they'll draw an extra 5,000 to 10,000 fans? What? Assuming the average seat costs $35 (which I just made up) that's approximately $800K in additional ticket revenue the team would bring in over a three game series, compared to a normal one where they don't play the Yankees. That's not even enough to pay the salary of one mediocre player for one season. How exactly does this help them? Nice try.

Oh, and if this argument even holds water to begin with, shouldn't the Yankees draw the highest number of fans in road games by a landslide? You'd think so, right? Well, turns out last season they didn't. They were actually #5. Here's the list (courtesy of ESPN - link)

Rank - Team - Avg. Road Attendance
1 - Red Sox - 38,367
2 - Cubs - 36,328
3 - Mets - 35,944
4 - Padres - 35,798
5 - Yankees - 35,192

Do what you'd like with your money, Bombers, but don't make up imaginary reasons to justify it. Just do it, and have the stones not to apologize that 100 years ago you lucked into playing in a location that affords you the ability to generate the most money.


Joan of said...

Your last fact leaves out one very important comparison: the 20,000 seat difference in capacity between Fenway and Yankee Stadium. There were 7 games at Fenway so 140,000 less fans attended, divide that by a solid 81 and adding that to the total you get 36,920 putting them in second place. What does the math prove? Probably nothing but once again we came in second to the red sox last year. Fuck!

Also only 1 team has ever won a World Series with a $200+ payroll, once again those fags in Boston.

Also you left out the luxury taxes we pay to these pathetic teams that keep them afloat without putting together a semi-competitive team.

AK-47 said...


I'm confused. Why does it matter how many fans can fit into Yankee Stadium or Fenway park? I'm talking about the attendance they draw when they are on the road. And what does 'there were 7 games at Fenway' mean? I'm confused.

Also, I didn't leave anything out, because I was only arguing this 1 point, not that the Yanks don't help out teams in other ways. I reapeat, I was ONLY arguing the road attendance point.

Your other 2 points are valid, but I'm not arguing against all large market teams. I know the Yanks pay an enormous amount in luxury tax. I know the Sox are in the same boat as the Yanks. The Mets are too. I'm just shooting a hole in this particular defense.

Joan of said...

When the Yankees play a road game at Fenway they get 20,000 less fans per game compared to when the Sox play at Yankee Stadium. So the numbers are skewed. I added 140k more fans to even it out between the yanks and sox. Its not an exact science but I've seen this argument before and it makes sense.

AK-47 said...

Very true, but all that says is that the Sox have an advantage over every other team in baseball, not only the Yankees, when it comes to this stat. To say the Yanks would move up to #2 on the list would only be true if you did that same figuring with every other team in baseball, especially the other 3 teams above the Yankees.

It's not actually fair to say they'd move up right behind the Sox unless you figured that out for the Cubs, Mets and magically the Padres also. The Padres? Really????

Doc Holliday said...

@Joan & AK

goddamn that's a lot of math...I bet both of you had those graphic calculators that you could cheat off of, didn't you?

Joan of said...

TI-89+ with not only the ability to cheat but the ability to play Tetris and drug wars during class

Doc Holliday said...

Drug Wars! That's the game I was thinking of. Weird...