Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Barry Did What? Oh, I Thought You Said "Didn't"

There was a time - not too long ago, actually - that a piece of news like this one would have sent the sports world into a uncontrollable fit of hysteria and chaos. Maybe even self-implosion. Because at that time, most naive critics refused to acknowledge that steroids had not only crept it's way into America's Pastime, but settled in firmly. This was before the Mitchell Report, and before the congressional hearings where a 100% fluent-in-English Sammy Sosa pretended to not speak the language. This was only five years ago.

Now? It's a throwaway headline. It doesn't even make you blink twice when you see it. Bonds tested positive for steroids in 2003? Huh, that's weird. Hey, let's go throw garbage cans filled with frozen water at cars on the highway.

My main question is (especially for all you cockgumming sportscasters who defended Bonds like he was your defenseless child and not some socially awkward millionaire who couldn't care less if you drove your car of a cliff) does Barry deserve to be elected into the Hall of Fame? Since Roger Clemens - with all the grace and semblance of a drunk getting tossed from a strip club - has stumbled his way out of Cooperstown already - does Bonds deserve the same fate?


AK-47 said...

No. He doesn't deserve to get in. He cheated and got caught. That's why Pete Rose isn't in.

J said...

Gun to your head which of the two, Barry or Roger do you let in?

Doc Holliday said...

Barry. At least Barry doesn't run around throwing his immediate family, his friends and his dog under the bus.

Also Barry's trainer stuck up for him, which says something, right?

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