Saturday, February 14, 2009

Creepy Comparison #61: I'm Your Huckleberry

Trey Hillman knows what it's like to take a man's life. Just ask him. He's relatively open about it. He actually prefers to reminisce about the time he had to off a Guyanese drifter panhandling for money in Kauffman Stadium's parking lot. Sometimes, you'll even see him crack a mischivious smile while rehashing the incident in his head. It's kind of creepy. But that creepy is necessary when you're asked to pilot one of the worst franchises in Major League Baseball.

Sam Elliot's mustache has had sex with more women than your entire family combined, even if you include your Uncle Steve who fucked all those Vietmanese hookers way back in '68. Take a long look, a looooong look, because unlike your stupidity, Elliot's mustache won't last forever.

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