Thursday, February 12, 2009

Erase the Asterisks

Tinkering with the statistical history of a sport isn't something I consider a good idea. Not that I am the ruling court on "good ideas" - I once rode a portable shirt rack down my front stairs for $10 - but I tend to think Herr Selig starting some shit with Cooperstown is a little too close to playing God. He recently said he's thinking about reinstating Hank Aaron as the home run king of baseball:

Selig said he also is considering reinstating Hank Aaron as baseball's home run king in the record book. Barry Bonds broke Aaron's record of 755 home runs in 2007 but is scheduled to stand trial March 2 on charges he lied to a federal grand jury about performance-enhancing drugs.

It's funny, but I never thought I would agree with a guy who makes more money than most players, and yet eats a hot dog for lunch every day. Well, slap me in the cock, because I think Selig may be on to something. If Aaron is given back his crown - does anyone bitch? If we wipe all stats of everyone who cheated, won't that scare the living shit out of anyone toying with the idea? Let's move on and start a new era, because I'm sick of both reading and discussing which players may or may not have taken steroids, because really, who gives a shit?

Now, if only we could prove Aaron did steroids, then the crown could be returned to the real home run hero!

/hands out bigot-laden propaganda

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