Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fear Not, St. Louis, You're #1 in Someone's Heart

Someone over at Sports Weekly is in serious need of a back-of-the-head slap. Why? Just check out their Spring Training Power Rankings, scroll down to #12, and look at the tiny little box that says, "one first place vote". Then look at who that vote belongs to. See that fruity little bird singing the day away? Yes, that logo belongs to the Cardinals. Yes, the Cardinals of St. Louis. Yes, the team without a rotation or a bullpen. Yes, the team with the fan-base that will act surprised (but never get upset) when Ryan Ludwick fails to rake like he did last season. Yes, the St. Louis Cardinals, with no major offseason moves, according to one Mr. Blinded-by-Homerism McFuckingdummy, are the team to beat.

How can the rubes that run shop over at USA Today pay these people for their opinions? Even if it was a joke, then why not vote for Kansas City or Washington? Are you so full of homerific pride that you feel the need to hype your team in some meaningless poll? If so, you deserve to be fired and divorced, because you suck at both thinking and life.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure this guy is feeling good now that someone else has entered his "world" and started repping for his team.

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those are really cool and stylish tribal bands...